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Medical Coding: Maximizing your Income

Maximizing Your Income with Medical Coding

There’s only one person who can ensure you make as much as much income as possible as a medical coder. If you look at your bank account right now and you’re not happy. It isn’t because of the economy, it’s not the president, it’s not your family or your friends. The only person is you. Well-meaning hard-working people with good intentions end up in financial ruin every single day due to the gravity of not realizing how important it was to maximize their income.

THIS is an EXTRAORDINARY time to get into this field ..and no I don’t mean soaking your feet in the water…I MEAN getting in neck-deep. You are gonna get paid for the value you bring to the marketplace and you’re gonna get paid for the value you become. Get serious and be READY for ANY given opportunity. One of the toughest things I’ve seen in my career as a teacher is the gut-wrenching setbacks our graduates suffer when an employer comes at them with a promotion, but because they failed to stack that alphabet soup behind their names, they get passed up. I actually recorded a video a few years ago on that. Check it out, it’s here on the slide. But ya, missing skills, missing information, missing knowledge is not how you want to be looking in an industry with SUCH unprecedented opportunities. Every choice you make OR DON’T MAKE is gonna have an effect because life is all about cause and effect.

The Difference-Maker

Listen, the difference between the professionals who earn the bigger incomes and the professionals who earn the smaller ones is that the bigger “income crowd” CHOSE to earn more, they simply made a decision. Life has a way of rewarding highly decisive people with high returns. Do whatever you gotta do to make yourself as competitive as possible because your rewards are always going to be in the exact proportion of your contributions.

And besides … just think about it, we now FULLY have the technology to do everything from coding, billing and even auditing from home … all in an industry where it has proven itself RECESSION proof time and time again. No prerequisites, no experience, no degree … it’s all just crazy!

But listen, if WHAT you also want is ECONOMIC safety for the future, you HAVE GOT to have more than 1 skill, you have got to broaden your knowledge base. I’m teaching you this with POWER like this because I know EXACTLY what having multiple skills has done for my quality of life. I’m speaking here with CONVICTION because I know how MASTERING each of these different skills DRASTICALLY multiplied my income.

The Future Starts Now

If you’re serious about laying a foundation NOW, for a FUTURE fortune later as you saw with financial lessons from a bit ago, GET as many skills as you can. Each credential dispenses a different skill set so get yourself to a place where you can execute with higher levels of contributions. Each and every credential I ever attained had EVERYTHING to do with opening a wealth of doors for me… from coder to biller, to claims analyst, to auditor, to trainer. I swear I became the trainer of everything I was ever hired to do, to director, to sales, to teacher, to speaker to author, to product inventor, to blogger, to YouTuber, business owner, opening and owning my own school and trust me I’m not done. And you will, too. The point is each skillset is only going to energize you and propel you into higher levels of success!

The ONLY reason I have the peace of mind and time to sit here and not only develop all of this for you all but actually deliver all of these teachings to you is that I’ve already ACHIEVED in EVERY ASPECT of my life, I’ve already reached the mental, physical, spiritual and even the financial freedom that it takes to get here. Here is a place of a deep genuine desire to make THESE SAME freedoms happen for you too.


The point is this. You do not have to live the next five years of your life earning the same paycheck-to-paycheck income that you did in the last five years. Your current circumstances are not it for you. The time has come to leave the crowd of spectators and do whatever it takes to stack that alphabet soup behind your name and join the achievers that know how to capitalize on the industry. Elevate your income by elevating your skillset.

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By: Delissa Ortega
Title: Maximizing Your Income with Medical Coding
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